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Zero to Sustainable

‘Zero to Sustainable’ is a highly accessible 8-week micro-learning experience for sustainability. It is delivered directly to participants by email, it takes just 5 minutes per day during the working week to complete.

Designed to bring teams together to participate in challenge-focused learning, ‘Zero to Sustainable’ has been developed on core pillars of behavioural science to empower positive behaviour change and is a quick win for organisations seeking a measurable and accessible solution to engage everybody.

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Course Features

Zero to Sustainable makes sustainability an opportunity for entire organisations. The course focuses on 2 distinct elements throughout to make the journey as engaging as possible for the user.

VyraPledge is focused on behavioural change. Participants complete sustainable challenges – simple real-life activities completed for Vyra points. Examples include working from home, eating a veggie meal, or having a shorter shower. VyraPledge combines data, positive psychology and gamification to make an experience based upon learning through engaging with real life activities.

Open the Vyra email

Select & complete pledges

Earn rewards

VyraNews is focused on communication. Aimed at positively impacting team morale through progress updates and communicating the positive differences the organisation is making in the world. Organisational progress and personal development go hand-in-hand. Staying on the same page is essential, especially while apart.



The course goes straight to your email inbox. Whether you’re a c-suite executive or a recent graduate, participation is simple.


It’s not just aspirational. Vyra uses high quality data to measure your team’s impact and track organisational progress with reports and marketing content.


No training required. If your team uses email, they can participate.



Quantifiable savings in CO2 emissions and increased employee engagement.


Share your success and tell your story through  engagement reports and content.


Anyone can participate whether at home or in the office.

Cost/Time efficient.

5 minutes per day to make a positive impact.


All participants of Zero to Sustainable are awarded a bespoke certificate of completion. This celebrates your commitment to expanding your knowledge on sustainability and your ambition to live a more sustainable life.

Share Your Success

Weekly reports ensure that your team and external stakeholders can see the impact your organisation is making. Based on Vyra’s high-quality impact data, they are designed so eloquently that they are ready for sharing the moment you receive them – be it in-house or through your social media channels.

Your Experience

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Your sustainable goals

Change with the world

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