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Our Story

Vyra is a proudly Irish company with a global perspective, working on sustainability solutions that are accessible to all.

‘What can we do as individuals to live more sustainably and see the difference our actions are having in the world?’

Vyra started with this question. If you read it enough times you may realise what is inherently flawed with it; the focus on the individual.

From conducting a large scale research project into the environmental impact of WFH in the early days of the company (click here to read about it in the Irish Times 📰 )

To working closely with industry professionals to uncover just what it is they need to become better, more sustainable businesses – we uncovered one vital insight;

Collective challenges require collective solutions.

The co-founders of Vyra come from considerably different disciplines. In their respective university theses, Luke was studying the effects of climate change on river dolphins in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Jack was co-producing a VR documentary about forestry in Ireland. After spending some time working abroad, they both returned home to Ireland and ran into one another in the pub (how Irish!). After a conversation about their respective experiences, the seeds of Vyra were planted.


Luke Fagan


Jack Dwyer