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You receive Vyra straight to your email inbox. Whether you’re a c-suite executive or a recent graduate, interacting with Vyra is simple. Getting started is as easy as signing up.


It’s not just aspirational. Vyra uses high quality data to measure your team’s impact and tracks your progress with reports and marketing content.


One less app, one less problem. If your team uses email, they can use Vyra.



Quantifiable savings in CO2 emissions and increased employee engagement.


Share your success and tell your story through Vyra engagement reports and content.


All team members can take part whether at home or in the office.

Cost/Time efficient.

Subscription based and takes 2-3 minutes to interact with per day.


Vyra is a circular solution that makes sustainability an opportunity for your entire organisation. The platform consists of 3 distinct elements that each focus on a unique area of sustainability.

VyraPledge is focused on behavioural change. Pledges are simple real-life activities users complete for Vyra points. Examples include working from home, eating a veggie meal, or having a shorter shower. VyraPledge gamifies seemingly trivial sustainable choices and rewards your team for completing pledges as individuals and challenges as a collective. The object is to set challenges each month and work together to achieve them. Here-in lies the pure value; individuals working together towards a shared goal while earning recognition and rewards for their contributions.

Open the Vyra email

Select pledges

Earn rewards

VyraNews is focused on communication. Aimed at positively impacting team morale through progress updates and communicating the positive differences the organisation is making in the world. Organisational progress and personal development go hand-in-hand and staying on the same page is essential, especially while apart.

VyraForest is focused on sustainable action. Your team will grow a virtual VyraForest by completing pledges. Every week users can see how many trees they have grown through their sustainable choices. The more pledges they complete, the larger the forest grows. Users will then see their virtual forest materialise into real physical trees planted in the VyraForest in Ireland.




Sign team up


Establish team goals


Pick pledges


Make an impact

Share Your Message

Regular reports ensure that your team and external stakeholders can see the impact your organisation is making. Based on Vyra’s high-quality data, they are designed so eloquently that they are ready for sharing the moment you receive them – be it in-house or through your social media channels.

Your Platform

Your team

Your identity

Your message

Your sustainable goals

Change with the world

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