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General Information

Vyra is a learning platform where companies learn about sustainability.

Employees in a Vyra company complete Vyra’s modules over the course of a year. When all of the employees have completed Vyra’s modules the company receives certification.

Employees efforts are displayed in the leaderboard which shows both vyra points and engagement. The top employees and teams in an organisation can also be viewed here.

A Vyra module is a 5 minute learning module delivered to employees each week. Each module covers a different sustainability topic. Points are awarded for participation in each module.

Vyra points are awarded to user’s for completing their weekly learning and for participating in additional sustainability challenges. Points are awarded for effort in each challenge, the more you put in the more you get out. 10 points are awarded for completing the learning each week, up to 100 points are awarded for completing the challenge.

The team feed is a place where an employee can show their personality. Each challenge consists of a social feed question. Users answers to these questions will be displayed in the Team Feed for the rest of their team to view.

Employees at all levels in an organisation use Vyra to learn about sustainability. 

To gain a better understanding of how sustainability affects the economy, the health of our planet and the lives of our families today and into the future.

Individuals can use Vyra as a part of a group, Vyra is a collective learning experience and individuals must be in teams to participate.

Vyra teaches sustainability education. You learn about how different industries and sectors impact the environment and the sustainable development goals. Vyra’s programme distils the fundamentals into one accessible programme for all.

A Vyra Team Captain ensures that their team is getting the most from their learning experience with Vyra by keeping morale high and leading by example. Vyra Team Captains represent their companies as champions for sustainability.

User’s that complete all of the modules in Vyra’s programme receive certification for their efforts.