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What is Vyra ?

Vyra helps large organizations to effectively engage and educate their teams on sustainability. Easy to use and a whole lot of fun, Vyra can help to build a culture of sustainability from the ground-up.


Vyra’s gamified, community approach to sustainability increases employee engagement. Built upon proven behavioural science, Vyra is a fun and positive experience for employees at all levels.


Vyra distills complex sustainability subject matter into bite-sized learning experiences that have something for everyone.

Environmental Impact

Vyra uses high quality impact data to enable the organisation to measure their progress.

The world is demanding greener organisations

Sustainability is not just about environmental impact, it’s about organisational culture

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Vyra Testimonials

What do our champions say?

the city bin co.

“Interesting and informative, the short daily exercises left a positive sustainability footprint on my mind for the rest of the day.”

Gene Browne, CEO
Gene Browne, CEO


“A great tool to inform how we contribute to climate change and what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. How do I sign my parents up?”

Deirdre Neff, Engineer
Deirdre Neff, Engineer

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