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Vyra brings teams together, empowering them to make sustainable choices…

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Zero to Sustainable

Zero to Sustainable is the innovative new learning experience from Vyra that focuses on sustainable education and action. Based on behavioural science, gamification and impact data, Zero to Sustainable will bring your team together and empower them to drive sustainability in your organisation from the ground up.

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Quantifiable savings in CO2 emissions and increased employee engagement.


Share your success and tell your story through Vyra engagement reports and content.


All team members can take part whether at home or in the office.

Cost/Time efficient.

Subscription based and takes 2-3 minutes to interact with per day.

Vyraforest    VyraForest

VyraForest aims to re-establish the connection between people and the natural world. It’s a collaborative ecology project set on 25 acres in Wicklow, Ireland. The project shows our commitment to sustainability and climate action, which is why we have aligned the project with four key sustainable development goals. The VyraForest is not just a routine tree planting exercise over 25 acres.

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